Electrical System Full Service

Start by understanding the requirements, we offer complete kitting systems for your equipment/building/solar system integration needs.



Electrical system design

a detailed system design that meets laws and regulations and safety standards.  All well planned electrical systems will reward us with many years of safe, efficient and reliable service.

Electric Enclosure Selection

We assist with concepts, degree of protection, costs, manufacturing techniques, climate control and material considerations. Select and supply the electrical enclosure that suits you.

Electrical Parts selection

12 categories of low voltage electrical products are provided with high cost performance. Also, you can choose a well-known brand as Schneider ABB Chint Delixi, order through our partner channels.

Order Accessory

Pipe, auxiliary cable, terminal block, winding tube for electric wire, cable ties, cable trunking, identification system etc.

Electrical Assembly

We can perform complete or partial enclosure assembly including hole-cutting, connector and component mounting, engraving and labeling. 

On-site installation maintenance

There are 45 installation and maintenance teams in many city in China to serve you at any time.

Our Recruitment

Work Together Electrical Installation Team

Welcome to join us be one of our installation team if you are a certified electrician however you’re in any city in the country. recruit at least three team members. quickly respond to tasks. receive regular training from headquarters.