Enclosures (box) Industry




Honesty First

In the long run, I believe that honesty is definitely the best policy. One can get away by being dishonest for a short term, but ultimately, honesty is what pays.

Better Service

Our’s professional exporting team always thinks of how can do more and better for customers.


Deliver on Time

We’ll try our best to be punctual and consistently delivered on time, yes we did it.


Reasonable Price

We also expect to offer fair wages and employee benefits, so to provide a satisfactory product at a reasonable price.


Consistent Quality

In Raywe, every product should obey a strict and complete procedure and standard from sample, test production, mass production, to quality control.



Raywe is competent as your cooperative partner for a long-term strategy, will come back to you continually multiplied.

Let The Numbers Speak

10Years Experience
56Countries Internation Trade
72Long-Term Cooperative Partner
99percent satisfaction degree

A Message

Dear friends,
Welcome to Raywe!
This is Alan. I devoted myself to foreign trade after graduation. After years of efforts, I finally own this company Raywe. She is just like my child. As you know, raising a child is not an easy thing; however, it is so comforting to see that Raywe now has become one of the competitive manufacturers of electric products all over the world. we have to thank all customers and staff for being so supportive all the time, especially when times were tough.
There is a famous saying, “Attitude is everything.” It is just this attitude that makes us so successful. If we have the chance to work with you, you will find this attitude from me and all the employees of Raywe.
Thanks for your time. May you have a nice day.

Company Culture

Knowledge-based economy of today, competition among enterprises has been sublimated into the corporate culture of competition.  Culture is the company’s rapid and steady development of the important kernel, we have been committed to building a people-oriented corporate culture.

  1. 1
    Company's Vision

    The electrical manufacturing-based development of associated industries, rapid growth of R & D, manufacturing, marketing as one of the Enterprise Group.

  2. 2
    Business Philosophy

    Integrity is the base for Raywe to survive, we insist on honesty comes first, and then the quality products. Raywe commits to thinking for users sincerely, satisfying users, offers quality devices and service.

  3. 3
    Humanistic Spirit

    Talents are our capital. The creativity of every employee prompts the development of the company. Raywe is considerate for workers and respects, understands and serves every worker, making workers developed. By effective inspiration, employees in Raywe work with initiative, enthusiasm and creativity.

  4. 4
    Quality Policy

    Strict accordance with the standard system operation, product quality is stable and reliable.