LGD Series – Low Voltage Distribution Box (IP40)

Range:6/8/12/16/24 and 36ways ,adopt ABS material with the characteristics of flame-proof;elegant appearance and reasonable structures;

General Details

LGD series Low Voltage Distribution Box applies impact proof engineering plastics and is furnished with a transparent cover.
Thus each circuit running condition can de seen at the first sight. The specially designed cover of screw 4 hole is not only interest, but also makes the distribution box smooth and handwork.
Our ABS distribution boxes are great for indoor/outdoor environment and widely used in automotive, posts and telecommunications, communications, electricity, coal, aerospace, defence, surveillance systems, railway signals, medical equipment, instruments and meters, LED displays, cable TV and other fields.

  • adopt ABS material with the characteristics of flame-proof
  • impulse proof,Fuse Box is provided with elegant appearance and reasonable structures
  • Installation and dismounting are easy
  • generalization and seriation, which make the products with excellent interchangeability and so on
  • Easy opening
  • Easy for installation
  • Range:6/8/12/16/24 and 36ways
Techical Info

Plastics Box Dimension
LGD-6ways 185 141 100
LGD-8ways 230 175 100
LGD-12ways 308 209 100
LGD-16ways 233 290 104
LGD-24ways 314 344 104
LGD-36ways 314 440 104

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