Plastic Distribution Box

TSM Flush Series – Electric Fuse Box (IP40)

Range: 2way,4way, 6way, 8way, 12way, 15way, 18way, 24way, 36way. Elegant mode unique and good-looking,Easy to install adjustable structure,(IP40)

TSM Surfaced Series – Home Fuse Box (IP40)

TSM series applies to terminal of AC 50/60 Hz, rated operating voltage up to 400 V and rated current up to 63A,

HT Series – MCB Distribution Box (IP65)

weighs approximately 1/4 the weight of an iron box,passed waterproof and dustproof carried out under rigid quality standards (IP65)

LS Series – MCB Distribution Board (IP40)

With high-quality plastic raw materials;Rated current(Max):125A,Material:Fire-resistant/ABS;

LGD Series – Low Voltage Distribution Box (IP40)

Range:6/8/12/16/24 and 36ways ,adopt ABS material with the characteristics of flame-proof;elegant appearance and reasonable structures;

NTSM Series – Electric Circuit Breaker Box (IP40)

This distribution box has 4way, 6way, 8way, 12way, 18way, 24way.Pure ivory ,high strength ,never change color ,transparent material is PC (IP40)

HK Series – Electrical Distribution Box (IP55)

Panel is the ABS material for the engineering, high strength,never change color, the transparent material is PC.High impact resistance material;

HA Series – Electric Breaker Box (IP65)

Material:The Product has passed waterproof and dust proof carried out under rigid quality standards.(IP 65)

HAG II Series – Circuit Breaker Boxes

Material insulation:fire-proof type refractory material.Standard:accord with IEC 060439-3;