TSM Flush Series Miniature Circuit Breaker Enclosure IP40

The TSM Flush Series Electric Fuse Box is suitable for mounting the circuit breakers and electric installation devices to distribute power via wiring. mainly used in the circuit of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 110v/220V/380V, and acted to install the modular combination equipment. widely used in low voltage distribution networks for power supplying of consumers and commercial buildings.

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Power distribution panel box


Elegant mode unique and good-looking, Have a bottom for opening the plastic cover easier,unique design; Supplied with removable earth/neutral bar;



Easy to install adjustable structure,flexible and spacious layout of the wiring in line with modern building design requirement


Din Rail

The metal din rail which fix the circuit breaker can be moved up and down,easy for installing the circuit breaker


Cover:PC; Body:ABS/metal(Optional);    self-extinguishing fire material high-quality plastic raw materials.


This distribution boxes/ boards enclosure confirm to standard BS EN60439-3, JB/T7121-93.  Din rail connection according to EN50022;CE Certified;


Model Items

This distribution box has 2way,4way, 6way, 8way, 12way, 15way, 18way, 24way up to 36way.

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Plastic Cover Surface Size

Type Length Width Height B
TSM-2ways 95 150 27 75
TSM-4ways 136 222 27 86
TSM-6ways 172 222 27 122
TSM-8ways 208 222 27 158
TSM-10ways 255 222 27 192
TSM-12ways 280 222 27 230
TSM-15ways 334 222 27 283
TSM-18ways 398 252 27 338
TSM-24ways 300 345 27 232
TSM-36ways 341 505 27 265

Plastics Base Dimension

Type Lenght Width Height
TSM-2ways 90 140 60
TSM-4ways 112 200 66
TSM-6ways 150 200 66
TSM-8ways 184 200 66
TSM-10ways 222 200 66
TSM-12ways 256 200 66
TSM-15ways 310 200 66
TSM-18ways 365 220 76
TSM-24ways 257 310 76
TSM-36ways 293 455 76

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