Square Stainless Steel Distribution Box

It adopts high quality 304 stainless steel, owning many excellent performances such as artistic outline, corrosion resisting, and Antistatic and impact resistance. Perfect enclosures to suit Measuring instruments, Medical devices, Wireless communication, Control devices, electronic projects, power supply units and so on

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stainless steel square box


201 Stainless steel /304 Stainless steel Optional



Optional from IP44 to IP66, thickness ranges from 0.7 to 2.0.



Welcome to make according to your drawings.

square distribution box

Concealed hinge


Installation Plate


Wire inlet and outlet protection rubber


Metal Dustproof Lock


Back mounting hole


Grounding screw


Numerical control foaming sealing rubber

stainless steel electrical enclosure

304 Stainless steel

It has good rust resistance and corrosion resistance and can withstand 800 degrees of heat.

Metal Flush Mounting lockset

It is flatter in vision and has a better overall feeling.

There are many other types of locks to choose from.

various styles of cabinet locks 2
stainless steel shell concealed hinge

Hidden Hinge

The new design is more stable, and the door opens and closes smoothly without jamming.


Plastics Body Dimension

Model  W(mm) H(mm) E(mm)
3025/15 250 300 150
4030/18 300 400 180
4030/20 300 400 200
5040/18 400 500 180
5040/20 400 500 200
5040/20 400 500 300
6040/20 400 600 200
6050/18 500 600 180
6050/20 500 600 200
7050/20 500 700 200
7050/25 500 700 250
8060/20 600 800 200
8060/25 600 800 250
8060/30 600 800 300
9060/30 600 900 300
10080/20 800 1000 200
10080/25 800 1000 250

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