TSM Surfaced Series – Home Fuse Box (IP40)

TSM series applies to terminal of AC 50/60 Hz, rated operating voltage up to 400 V and rated current up to 63A,

General Details

TSM series applies to terminal of AC 50/60 Hz, rated operating voltage up to 400 V and rated current up to 63A, equipped with various modular electric for function of electric energy distribution, control, (short circuit, overload, earth leakage, over-voltage) protection, signal, measurement of terminal electric appliance.

  • Easy to see,Equipped with transparent door;
  • Easy to open,can easily open the cover ,door open upward 90 degrees;
  • Rated current: 4 ways 50A, 6-36 ways 63A;
  • Plastic Distribution Board Material: insulating ABS or self-extinguishing fire material high-quality plastic raw materials. (by no means turn copied material, environmental protection and quality assurance, there will never be black spots)
  • Protection level: indirect contact proof 2 protection;
  • Complete with earth and neutral bars together with neutral link wire;
  • Protection degree: IP65;
  • Humanize circuitry symbols , printed display of control Electric Circuit Breaker ,clear and elegant;
  • The distribution box is able to regulate the height automatically within a certain range the outer wall;
  • 7X9 pure brass (copper is by no means, good conductivity);
  • earth leakage circuit breaker panel with sufficient distance, performance and more secure;
  • Fashionable design, integrated molding, a variety of sizes to choose size, beautiful appearance, simple;
  • outside the flush Circuit Breaker Panel Box, surface mount installation ,not limit to the narrow space, make the installation more easy;
  • Different ways 2-36ways available;
Techical Info

MCB Box Type Length Width Height
TSM 4ways 112 200 95
TSM 6ways 148 200 95
TSM 8ways 184 200 95
TSM 10ways 222 200 95
TSM 12ways 256 200 95
TSM 15ways 310 200 95
TSM 18ways 365 222 95
TSM 24ways 271 325 97
TSM 36ways 271 462 100

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  1. Deepak May 31, 2016 at 7:42 am

    what dimension solar panel does my residence need?
    in a standard-size residence built with about three or significantly less key kitchen appliances, a 100-amp circuit circuit breaker solar panel will provide a satisfactory quantity of capability to supply your home. a good choice would be to install a 200-amp circuit breaker panel if you have a much larger home with many more appliances.
    you can calculate by looking at the name plate rating of each of the appliances you intend to install if you are unsure what size you will need. call a professional electrician in to help you estimate the load requirements for your home if you are still unsure.
    the way to mount breakers and how they operate?
    breakers are placed in the port mounting brackets presented. to setup simply push the rear side from the circuit breaker in to the bracket, this is closest to the side of your solar panel. then click firmly the front area from the breaker on the buses club. this can be along side it of the breaker in which the switch can be found.
    studying the encounter in the breaker, you’ll spot the swap as well as a very clear eyesight. the change transforms on and off and the view demonstrates a colour, normally reddish coloured, as soon as the circuit breaker is in the tripped express. a tripped state occurs when the circuit features a quick inside it and the circuit breaker changes by itself off as a result of an excess.
    how to convert a breaker off and on?
    to make a circuit breaker off, merely turn the change to the off place. this can be from the heart towards exterior case. to change the breaker on, flip the breaker for the on placement. this can be toward the centre of the panel. to be able to reverse with a tripped Circuit Breaker Panel Box, you should initial convert the circuit breaker for the off position initially and after that to the on situation. this resets the breaker to some functional condition.
    other parts of the circuit breaker panel
    RayWe is Miniature Circuit Breaker Enclosure Manufacturer Circuit Breaker Panel Box Supplier Directory , Miniature Circuit Breaker Enclosure Manufacturer and Supplier. Quality Miniature Circuit Breaker Enclosure Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

  2. Deepak May 31, 2016 at 6:59 am

    the circuit breaker board also comes built with a natural buses as well as a grounding pub. the housing is covered away from for defence by a panel is and cover generally installed with anchoring screws. it possesses a board access front door that permits you to entry the breakers without taking out the protect.
    in the doorway is a solar panel index. this is when you will write down what the circuits are feeding for easy reference. the complete Circuit Breaker Panel Box is normally grey in colour and is made from aluminium. it can either be surface area fitted or installed inside a wall surface for the neater, far more hidden appearance.
    exactly what is a Miniature Circuit Breaker Enclosure and the way is it nourished?
    an electric circuit breaker panel is the primary syndication position for power circuits at your residence. it usually provides in between 100 and 200 amps of strength to your property, based on your own home? load require. power is available in to your house from the energy business, through a support entry ways. it passes via an electrical gauge, with an electric disconnect after which towards the primary circuit breaker in your electric solar panel.
    the main Miniature Circuit Breaker Enclosure can be found at the top or bottom of two lines of breakers, depending which way the panel is fitted. the primary circuit breaker is noted with the value of security (like 100 amps) on the circuit breaker take care of. this circuit breaker is possibly manufacturer mounted or may be included by possibly bolting it in or snapping it into position.
    what exactly are stages?
    you observe there are two lines of buses jogging all around. these represent the two levels of electric energy that you simply I’ll be hooking up the department circuit breakers to. the utility business supplies individual-period capacity to most houses. they are ± and phases. the very best interconnection point is cycle as well as the after that circuit breaker down is cycle. they stagger all of those other way across the buses.
    to really make it easier for you to comprehend, circuits 1,5 and 9 etc . and 2, 6 and 10 etc. are phase. circuits 7, 3 and 11 etc. and 4, 8 and 12 and many others. are period.
    just what is the minimum scaled panel necessary and why?
    a 100-amp services are the lowest sizing assistance required for a whole new residence. in more aged homes, numerous were actually built with 60-amp professional services and several, truth be told, only experienced period serving the entire house.
    before the age of automation, of course that was years ago.
    these days we have now microwaves, espresso pots, can openers, crock pots, toaster ovens, waffle golf irons, pizzas ovens, meal washers, air conditioning units, hot tubs, oxygen compressors, and lots of other things that draw a big volume of power.
    I assume the older audience would phone us the very lazy culture simply because we have tools to complete each of our work for us. with one of these modern advantages, there is a possibly-improving desire for, as tim ? the device person taylor would say, more strength!