European style Transparent Plastic Junction Boxes (RE-AT)

IP65 ABS Body and PC Transparent Front, surface gloss

Model Number: RE-AT
General Details

RE-AT series European style Weatherproof Junction Box

ABS Body and PC Transparent Front

Material characteristics:
Impact, heat, low temperature and chemical resistance, excellent electrical performance and surface gloss, etc.

Protection grade: IP65

Suitable for indoor and outdoor electric, communication, fire fighting apparatus, iron and steel smelting, petrochemical industry, electron, power system, railway, building, mine, air and sea port, hotel, ship, works, waste water treatment equipment,environmental equipment and so on.

1. Inside: There are the installation holes in the base for circuit board or din rail.
2. Outside: The products can be directly fixed on the wall or other flat boards with screws or nails via the screw holes in the base.

Outlet hole:
Holes can be opened on the box as customers’ requirements, and installing cable gland can bring with better waterproof performance.

Model Number L*W*H (mm)
    RE-AT-060505 60*50*55 Stainless steel screw
 RE-AT-080806 85*85*60
 RE-AT-110807 110*80*70 Plastic screw
 RE-AT-101007 100*100*70
 RE-AT-121007 120*100*70
 RE-AT-151107 150*110*70
 RE-AT-151508 150*150*80
 RE-AT-171207 175*125*75
 RE-AT-171210 175*125*100
 RE-AT-181808 180*180*80
 RE-AT-201008 200*100*80
 RE-AT-201508 200*155*80
 RE-AT-201808 200*180*80
 RE-AT-202010 200*200*100
Techical Info

Holl processing Sculpt processing service
Raywe ltd. meet on customer’s variety of request by a sophisticated hole processing technology on the basis of accumulated experience.
Silk-screen printing and letter sculpturing service
A vivid silk-screen printing and letter sculpturing service make your product outstanding.
coloring-serviceColoring service
We produce high quality enclosure with a variety of color.
Non-standard custom development services
According to customer needs, providing a variety of programs,the development of non-standard client

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