FSA Series Electrical Cabinets

1.9 folded frame with box profile, high-quality special tee welded into a whole, the structure solid and reliable, beautiful appearance.
2.the lower edge of the door from the ground 25mm, fixde on the door of every 25mm long box with a circular hole, not only enhance the strength of the door, but also can be used to install wires,cables, electrical components.
3.the mounting plate can be moved back and forth to the unit distance of 25mm, a depth adjustment.
4.each have a round hole and square 25mm bore(with mounting beam use) on 9 folded frame, internally mounted and fixde so that the instrument is very convenient.
5.the top cover,side panels, rear panels, floor all screws, easy disassembly, cabinet installation easier.
6.the upper and lower part of the alignment hole with a group cover, front and back doors and side doors easily removable, easy to word.
7.the bottom line of three holes each other cover can be replaced, free to move, easy to import cables, opening into the line.
8.the base assembly and disassembly are very convenient)(optional parts)
9.surface treatment:degreasing, phosphating, electrophoretic primer, outdoor waterproof plastic powder.
10.the international quality cabinets substitutability accessories.
11.the main body color:RAL7032, mounting plate: orange or galvanized.
12.cold-rolled steel material used: door 2.0mm, box 1.5mm, mounting plate 2.5mm.
13.can be customized according to customer requirements a variety of sizes..
Degree of protection: IP55  to E N60529
External mechanical impact resistance: I K10

Standard configuration:
Enclosure frame and front door with reinforce
Mounting plate
Removable back panel
Handle Lock
Polyurethane door seal
Cable gland plate
4 eyebolts

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