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We offer our clients a wide range of precision engineered Fuse Box. With the incorporation of advanced technology and components of high standards, These products are renowned for their reliability and quality. Our products find application in offices, schools, houses and many other places.

We are a professional manufacturer of House Circuit Breaker Box with 10 years history already and we are always with you for offering you answers on electric questions and supplying you with enthusiastic services.The emphasis and the main responsibility for us is to meet our customers’s needs unceasingly.We believe those customer’s are our partners who shall build?long time and reliable business relationship with us.


Company Profile

YueQing Raywe Electric Co., Ltd. is an all-round manufacturer dedicated to research, development, manufacture and sales of top-quality electric products. the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions throughout the world.

Main business: wall mount enclosures, bus junction boxes, plastic enclosures, waterproof and dustproof plastic distribution box, plastic sealed boxes, Industrial Plug and Socket etc.

The company was established as the date of August 2006, is located in the "The capital of China electric" --- LiuShi town. The factory area of 3200 square meters, registered capital of 1 million yuan, existing staff of about 86 people. Under the production department, technology department, QC, the Finance Ministry, domestic sales, international sales, customer service centers and other functional departments.

Raywe now owns: advanced laser cutting equipment, injection molding machine, CNC machines, multi-function stamping molding equipment, sealing devices, etc. Ever since it was born, the company sticks to a notion “people oriented, standard management, quality first, reputation priority” and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, NEMA-4, IP66 approval, ROHS approval, 9 measurement standard certificate for the inspection, CE,CCC approval and so on. Meanwhile, the product quality is gradually improved.

We welcome all inquiries, whether for small or large transactions, knowing that step by step, together, we could build a better tomorrow. We will try best to provide “Friendly , Fast, Effective” service to you.

Special Service

Made of our clients need, from the product structure, Product appearance, casing LOGO, box & user manual printing, and so on all our clients need.

When you would not deal with us for OEM or ODM, also welcome to work with us for our brand. And you should have clear idea in running the brand and a good ability to expand market.

Ⅲ、Package design:
We offer free package design services to help you meet critical business objectives for OEM. If your company needs a powerful logo or catalog book, also to ask about cheap design services.

After you place an order, you may need the product picture professional for market development and sales promotion, let us know and enjoy our free Photography service.

Ⅴ、Sourcing agent:
When you need any other China electric products which it is relate to our industry, welcome to ask us as your agent to find the right manufacturer for you. We have a good intercommunicate between China manufacturers. And we are the legal company to help you to get the competitive price and good supplier.

How to Order
Contact us
1. Send enquiry
2. Send E-mail to sales@raywe.com
3. Chat on SKYPE My status BooviMy status Amy
4. Call us +86-577 27772137, 27772151
Discuss details
1. Get our quotation
2. Confirm the models & quantity
3. Confirm shipping fee and total price
4. Confirm PI
Make the payment
Make the payment by T/T(Bank Transfer) / Western Union / MoneyGram / Paypal etc.
Delivery goods
Goods will be sent ASAP after payment confirmed.
Receive goods
1. Get tracking number to tracking the pacakge
2. Please cooperate the delivery when the parcel arrived
Order finished
Congratuations! Order finished.
  1. 1
    Is small order less than 100pcs accept?

    Yes, you can buy small order in our online shop

  2. 2
    What kind of payment do you accept?

    We accept T/T, L/C At sight, PAYPAL, Western Uion, Credit Card or MoneyGram.

  3. 3
    What about your delivery time?

    We have a lot of products in stock, the delivery time would be within 3 working days If out of stock , we will check the delivery time for you.Actually, it's up to your order QTY, but should about 15days for 20'feet container.

  4. 4
    How to ship my order? Is it safe?

    For small package, we will send it by Express, such as DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,EMS. That’s Door to Door service. For big packages, we will send them by Air or By sea, ensure the package safety.

  5. 5
    Would you offer FROM A, FROM E or C/O?

    No probelm, we would apply for this certificate to government.

  6. 6
    Where is your market?

    Our products are popular on Middle east, Italy, Australia and Malaysia etc.

  7. 7
    Can you use our LOGO?

    YES, we can use your logo if you have good qualiy and big QTY.

  8. 8
    Can you send goods to YIWU or GUANGZHOU?

    No problem, we have many customers in YIWU and Guangzhou.

  9. 9
    What certificates do you have ?

    We have CE, ISO, IP65, ROHS.

  10. 10
    Do you have a catalogue? Can you send me the catalogue to have a check of all your products?

    Yes, please contact us on line or Email us, then we would send the catalogue.

  11. 11
    Do you have a price list include all products?

    We only have few mainly products price list for your reference. For the others, please kindly send us your demand, then we would quote accordingly.

  12. 12
    I can’t find the product on your catalogue,only have par no. or picture, will you search for me?

    Our catalogue shows most of our products, some new, we didn't update, so please feel free to contact us with the part no. or picture.

  13. 13
    Could I ask making a new mould?

    Sure,please offer 2-5pcs samples for us design and produce for you.

  14. 14
    How long to make a new mould?

    30-45 days depending on the samples' complexity.

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  1. DickensWebster May 1, 2015 at 8:00 am

    Raywe Electric is House Circuit Breaker Box Manufacturer & Outside Breaker Box Supplier – House Circuit Breaker Box Exporter in China
    Fuse Box for homes . Your fuse or breaker box may well be one of the previous things in your listing of stuff to learn about-most likely some place powering learning concerning how to nice and clean results in out of your gutters. If you’re watching your favour TV show on a cold winter’s night, when suddenly the lights start to flicker, and you find yourself surrounded by nothing but silence and darkness, it quickly moves to the top of your list. Or, probably you are blow-drying out hair, and all sorts of involves a hushed, eerie halt. Even worse, your young ones are taking part in the most up-to-date video games as soon as the screen and place will go black. Are you aware what to do? . Very first, let us move this subject to the top level of your list and obtain yourself acquainted and prepared for just such an likelihood. It’s best not wait to learn about fuse and breaker problems until after they happen, as you can see. . , Place .Location and Location As a first step, it’s important to know where your fuse or circuit breaker box is located. In many properties, it really is beyond the principal home, generally within the storage area. In older homes it is commonly found inside the house, however. . When you locate it, you should decide which kind of box it is actually: Fuse or Circuit. It is possible to differentiate: if you see round, glass topped shapes or small tubes with metal ends, these are fuses; if there are toggle-like switches, it is a circuit breaker box. . Notice: And your electrical panel is located in the basement, you might want to think about relocating the panel upstairs, if your home is subject to flooding. . Prep Pays Off . If you have a fuse box for homes, it is wise to purchase some additional fuses the next time you’re at the hardware store. There are a few different amperages for such fuses, so be certain and view your box to determine what versions you might have, after which get one or more of each amperage. The amperage is the amount of electrical current that fanlight and appliance, or outlet uses. . NOTE: Fuses are generally colouration coded for fast reference point. For example, 15 amps fuses might be coloured natural. Also, you will need slow-moving getting rid of sorts (usually marked using a “P” or “D”) for certain product circuits. . Have a flash light located at or near your fuse box-with fully incurred power packs that actually work! There’s no use adding to your worries through to seafood out a flash light or electric batteries at night of night time; and it is typically night time when these types of occurrences happen, considering that men and women tend to use more electricity then. . Ensure that the area and ground all around your fuse box is free of charge water. If the box is located outside, this is especially important. Look at stowing a little, free of moisture have-area rug stored near by so it can be used to stand on whenever you should focus on it. Also, it is convenient to possess a kind of leather-based gloves you could easily identify to put on when working in your board box. . Take note: If it is difficult to read the amperage numbers, or if you do not have colour coded fuses, then get a black felt marker and, in large letters, write the amperages next to each fuse in the box. You may also desire to symbol the inside the board doorway using the area or rooms that each circuit powers, that makes it less difficult to determine the issue location and execute the entire process of eradication. .
    fuse boxes for homes manufacturing company in china,Plastic Distribution Board Material: insulating ABS or self-extinguishing fire material high-quality plastic raw materials

  2. IsaiahNat February 5, 2015 at 7:56 am

    How to Find the Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker Box: 12 Steps If you have trouble finding your circuit breaker or fuse box, ask a neighbor where theirs is. If you live in a neighborhood with houses built in the same era, the .
    When the Lights Go Out: Replacing Fuses and Resetting Circuit .
    Even if you replaced burnt fuses or reset the circuit breaker many times as a fully sighted . Older homes and apartments often have one or more fuse boxes with .
    The Fuse Box and How Fuses Work – Home Repair – About. The fuse box is the equivalent of the circuit breaker’s electrical service panel in that it is a metal box with a hinged cover that houses and controls the ining .
    Fuse Boxes Explained | Electrical Safety First
    Fuseboxes. A fusebox, also sometimes known as a consumer unit, should be easy to find and is where the electricity in your home is controlled and distributed.
    Hiller Electric – Circuit Breakers vs. Fuses for Your Home
    While circuit breakers are most monly found in newer homes, many updated homes have breaker panels instead of fuse boxes. As we mentioned above, .
    Why do homes have circuit breakers or fuse boxes? | Yahoo Answers 2008年1月13日 – What does a circuit breaker or a fuse box do? . Best Answer: The wires in your house can only carry a certain amount of current (measured in .
    Electrical Box | Fuse Box | Breaker Box – HomeAdvisor.
    Older homes are in more danger of fire hazards than new ones, simply . The amount of load that the typical home’s fuse box could carry was enough to manage .
    Fuse Box Information – Boys Electric LLC Are fuse boxes more dangerous than circuit breaker panels? To answer this . Some homes do have one 30-amp circuit for a stove or water heater, but that’s it.
    How do I change my house’s fuse box? | Reference. To replace an old fuse box, turn off the main power to the home, and disconnect the wiring to the existing fuse box. The process of switching fuse boxes typically .
    Where is the fuse box most likely located in my house? – Quora
    2015年8月28日 – Close to the electricity service entrance. Usually for appearance sake they will mount . How do you locate fuse boxes in Toyota Corollas?
    Do I need to update the fusebox in my house? – MyBuilder 2011年9月1日 – I’m buying a house which has an old fuse box. This was noted on the survey I had done and it was suggested I update it. Is this really necessary .
    How to Check a Fuse at the Home Fuse Box | Home Guides | SF Gate
    The fuse box found in older homes is a protective device that cuts off the electric current to a circuit that has shorted out or is overloaded. The box contains little .
    Electric Fuse Box and Circuit Breaker Upgrade | Call Galaxy Electric .
    Galaxy Electric can update your Fuse Box and Circuit Breakers in your home. . Older homes with outdated electrical panels can’t handle the electrical needs of .
    Cost to Replace a Circuit Breaker Box | Angies List 2013年4月10日 – . Pacific breaker box, a faulty circuit breaker or an outdated fuse box? . “I have Federal Pacific panels in customers’ homes who are not willing .
    Typical Cost/Price to Replace a Fuse Box – Quotation Check The price/cost examples below are to replace an old fuse box/board with a new pliant RCD consumer unit on a typical 3-bed house with 6 circuits.
    If Your House Still Has A Fuse Box… – Cook Electric
    2016年8月12日 – Residential electric. Fuse box vs. circuit breaker panel. When 21 amps of electricity passes through a 20-amp rated fuse, a thin wire melts down .
    Make Sense Of The Fuse Box In Your Home – Most homes built before 1960 feature fuse boxes inside the house while more contemporary buildings have circuit breakers located outside the residence.
    Home Inspectors: Electrical Systems of Older Homes Fuse over-current protection is still sometimes installed in these older homes. . type) receptacles if the wiring between the fuse box or breaker panel and the .
    Fuses in your home, problem or no? – Webster Electric
    2014年3月3日 – The most mon fuse box we see in residential installations is equipped with a . Fuses have not been installed in homes for many decades.
    How to Keep Your House Fuse Box Working – Answers.One way of doing this is through a house fuse box. A house fuse box has different ponents that work together to prevent any abnormalities in the flow of .
    Insuring Homes with Fuses in MN | Blog – Pinnacle Insurance Agency
    2016年5月31日 – Old fuses, however, aren’t so much fun. Homes built before 1960 often have fuse boxes instead of circuit breaker boxes to control the electrical .
    Fuse Box Upgrades | Birmingham | Myers Electric Most insurance panies won’t provide insurance with homes that have these outdated fuse boxes. You might be curious to why. If so, then take a minute to .
    Fuse Box,Fuse Boxes For Homes | RayWe fuse boxes for homes manufacturing pany in china,Plastic Distribution Board Material: insulating ABS or self-extinguishing fire material high-quality plastic .
    Most older homes have old fuse boxes that are outdated, which means .
    2016年6月21日 – Most older homes have old fuse boxes that are outdated, which means you are not getting the most out your power source. We provide .
    4 Outdated and Unsafe Electrical Panels That Could be Hiding in Your .
    2016年1月4日 – Yet many Sarasota-area homes have old, outdated panels that might not . However, most fuse boxes in homes today are unsafe because .
    BrightNest | Fix a Blown Fuse or Reset a Circuit Breaker Blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker is a relatively mon issue, especially if you like . For a fuse box: If your electrical panel has fuses, check each fuse to see if the piece of metal inside .. Which of these do you have in your house?
    Home Electrical Guide: How To Reset a Circuit Breaker – ACME HOW .
    Some homes have more than one circuit breaker panel, there may be a main . an actual fuse and not a circuit breaker, click here for information on fuse boxes.
    I need help understanding an old fuse box – Home Forums – GardenWeb
    2006年9月10日 – I have an old fuse box that blew a fuse and I am not sure how to replace it. . If a main fuse fails repeatedly, it’s a sign that your house’s electrical .
    Fuse Box – Denver | APower Electric Service If you still have a fuse box, you should think about upgrading your electrical panel. . Homes with a Fuse Box Instead of a Breaker Box May Be Hiding Serious .
    Fuse box vs. Circuit Breaker Panel | Zillow
    2014年6月5日 – Buying Process in the US – I had someone tell me that if the house you were wanting to purchase had a fuse box instead of Circuit .

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