November 19, 2014

Crazy double 11- China’s Black Friday

China is a big E-commerce country. November 11th is a network of single festival. A variety of e-commerce platform are doing crazy promotional activities on that day, similar like Black Friday in the United States.
That day’s turnover is very alarming, the attendant is enormous pressure on the logistics.
This influence will last 10 days, a variety of domestic logistics speed will be affected.
According to previous analysis and forecast of the State Post Bureau, the “double 11” period (November 11th to 16th), the mail processing industry (express mail) traffic will reach 510 million. From November 11’s information system monitoring shows that the actual volume of business will be about 15 percent higher than expected, the “double 11” period, the mail processing industry (express) will reach 586 million, an increase of nearly 70% more than last year, the daily maximum processing capacity will be close to 100 million, an increase of 54 percent over last year, the daily processing capacity (33.09 million / day) three times in this year.