November 20, 2014

Good News: Australia will be exempt tariffs on all Chinese products

China-Australia Free Trade Agreement negotiations started in April 2005, according to the results of the negotiations, in open levels, Australia’s tariffs on all Chinese products are eventually reduced to zero, Australia product eventually reduced to zero tariffs on most products in China; services to cover many sectors, high-quality open commitment to each other.
China-Australia free trade agreement is reached, Australia some important products into the Chinese market will be zero tariff treatment to help Chinese consumers buy inexpensive products. In terms of consumption, the specific impact are:
China has decided to set up the RMB clearing bank in Sydney.
Australia to phase out dairy tariff within nine years, phase out infant formula milk powder tariffs within four years, promising to import dairy products price more popularity.
Since the implementation of free trade agreements, visa approval cheaper, more streamlined, more convenient to Australia tourism, work, study.
Tariff exemptions, buy bag, shoes, etc. no longer have to buy knockoff.
Since the entry into force of the FTA, 12-25% of Australian beef tariffs phased out within nine years, Western restaurant’s Australia steak is cheaper.
Australian companies can come to China to invest in private hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Chinese rich man may consider to Australia doing a farmer.